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Before you PAINT…

Have you just moved into a new home or office?

Are you getting ready to paint the walls?

Have you considered what you might be forgetting?

Don’t paint now and then have to cut open the walls again and repaint. 
Consider what needs to be done before you paint.

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Please consider what cabling might be needed for home entertainment or office presentations.

Wired internet for fastest speeds and best security. Avoid buffering

Cable TV or Dish Wiring that is currently external on your home.

CCTV / Security camera wiring to central location.

Home Theater In-Ceiling or In-Wall Speaker wiring.

Canned lighting.

Whole Home Automation wiring.

Will you have your TV Wall mounted? If so, you would at least need an AC outlet available behind the TV location.

What cables would need to be in the wall?

Wall mounted TVs need the latest version HDMI cable in the wall from each TV source, (especially if you are planning on 3D) including Satellite, Fios, U-Verse, CATV, BluRay, AppleTV etc.

If you would be using your TVs SMART features, and it is not wireless, you would need a Cat5 cable from your router or switch to the TV.

If you use a BluRay player with SMART features, then you need wired internet to the BluRay (for best speed) and the HDMI from BluRay to TV.

Consider every room of the house where you would want TV service. Does it already have an internal coax cable from a centralized location? Is it located on the wall where you want it?

If you are considering Surround Front, Rear and Subwoofer Speakers in your family room and do not wish to compromise on quality by using wireless solutions, now is the time to get the cabling in.

Whether you would have a simple one room entertainment center or a whole house solution. Now is the time to consider your options. Not after you’ve already painted.

If nothing else, get a conduit installed in the walls from central access location to TV locations and be future ready.

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