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Don’t be a victim of “The Bad Install”

Don’t be a victim of “The Bad Install”

If you call one of the dish companies directly and they send their standard “Professional” installers, you may be in for it…

Don’t be a victim of “The Bad Install Don’t be a victim of “The Bad Install2 Don’t be a victim of “The Bad Install3 Don’t be a victim of “The Bad Install4

The victim of this Huntington Beach installation (Pictured above) said that this small dish job was done by the approved installers in Southern California for one of the small dish companies.

The representative at the company that he called, promised this customer that the installation would be done by 4 PM and the installers did not even arrive until after 5:30 PM.

The customer found our website and was asking how I could clean up their mess since they did not want the original installers back. After the customer called the small dish company and sent them photos, The company agreed to allow this customer to find the contractor of his choice and they would reimburse him for our fees.

When I arrived I saw black cabling going across the white interior kitchen walls, a blown out stucco patch where the installer pushed too hard on the drill and a cabling that would lead to water intrusion into the house.

The sad thing is that there was already an internal cable path to the main receiver location and the ugly black cabling in the kitchen was unnecessary.

If not for their limitations, the installers could have avoided any cabling through the kitchen if they would have just climbed a few feet into the attic (apparently against their policy). I was able to easily internalize all of the cabling in less than 2 hours so all of the visible black cabling could be removed. I also ran the bedroom cabling inside a wall and provided a wall plate and then vacuumed up the debris.

These photos were all taken by the victim after the initial installers left and prior to calling Ground Control.

This customer stated that the installers did want to cover up the damage outside the bedroom with a tube of something but he told them not to mess with it (he’d seen enough). They did also try to get the customer to sign that there was “no damage caused by technician” but he refused to do that.

The customer said “As far as the debris, they didn’t even offer or indicate that they were going to clean anything…. that’s just the way they left things when they finished”!

Call us directly, not the companies that we represent, or you might end up the same way.

If you are already a victim, give us a call for a quote on internalizing your cabling.

Ground Control is an authorized dealer for DirecTV and Dish Network and can offer the basic FREE Installation as well. The difference is, that we will also offer you options,  that would hide your cabling.