Why Ground Control

Why Ground Control?

Do you absolutely hate getting automated assistance when calling in for help after you bought the equipment?

Do you want to get the most out of your entertainment equipment?

Consider your main choice when getting connected with DirecTV…

Your choice of Calling the comapany’s 800#, or an Authorized Independent Dealer?

Myth 1) “By calling DirecTV or a nationwide reseller, you can expect a higher level of service than a local independent contractor

This is FALSE

My answer to this comes from years of fixing basic or “Free Installations” done by installers that have no connection with the customer and their overall satisfaction. (See our page on The Bad Install)

From 2001-2004 GCSS was contracted by a nationwide firm that handled Sears’ maintenance agreement calls regarding DirecTV and Dish Network clients. GCSS was the primary service contractor for L.A. and Orange Counties during this period until the nationwide contracting firm decided to part ways with Sears.

During this period I heard many customer accounts regarding their installation experiences. According to customer accounts, what typically happens when you call Dish Network or a nationwide reseller directly, is that they contact the Dish Network installation force. Typically, the customer had no say in where the dish went or how the cabling ran. Also, when the installer was done installing the dish, the customer education portion lasted about 2 minutes and went something like this… “Ok, here’s the remote control. Just put the TV on Channel 3 and if you have any other questions here’s the 800#”.

This is because the installer has no real relationship or accountability to you the customer. Many are so focused on trying to do so many installs in a day, that you are an extreme inconvenience if you ask a question.

When you call Ground Control, you get a person that you can talk to that cares that you are educated about the choices you are making regarding your entertainment system. I am happy to give you the options regarding your installation. Of course there may be certain choices that will cost you more money to get the way you want, but it is, and should be, your choice if you want something beyond the “Basic Installation”. When it comes to customer education, I am happy to show you how to get around on the remote control and show you what I think are the exciting things that you should not overlook.

I realize that even in a 30-60 minute briefing, there will be too much information for many customers to be able to recall after I’ve walked out the door. My hope is that the customer will at least see some of these features and have a desire to try to get back to them (using the manual if necessary) and be able to appreciate their purchase to their fullest satisfaction. There may be times when they need assistance and they can either call me directly or they can call DirecTV 

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