TV service comparisons

DirecTV vs Dish vs Cable Comparison

Feature DirecTV Dish Network
Time Warner
Channels that can be recorded at any given time  Genie = 5 *  Hopper = 3** HDDVR = 2
Set your DVR from your mobile device  YES  YES YES
Watch Recorded Programming on your mobile device  YES  YES NO
Watch Live TV on your mobile device  LIMITED YES NO
Hard Drive Storage/ HD Storage  1 TB / 200 HD Hours 2 TB 500 HD Hours ?
Prime Time Any Time  NO YES NO
AutoHop  NO YES NO
Sling Technology Built In  NO YES NO
Start programs at the beginning if you tune in late.  NO  NO ?
Sports AppsDISH GameFinder vs. DIRECTV ScoreGuideTM Available on Genie only Same-day games only Interferes with TV viewing No Thuuz Excitement Ratings Available on Hopper & Joey Lists games 4 days in advance Doesn’t interefere with TV viewing ThuuzTM Excitement Ratings ?
Built In Wireless YES YES ?
Bluetooth NO YES NO
Processor Speed 1100 DMIPS 3000 DMIPS ?
Remote Locator NO YES  NO
Receiver Fees for 4 TVs***1 Hopper and 3 Joeys vs. 1 Genie and 3 Clients $43/mo $33/mo ?
External Hard DriveSold separately Replaces the DVR storage   Adds to the DVR storage ?
Integrated AppsPandora, Facebook, Twitter, weather, news, and more


Only on Genie


On Hopper & Joey

Lakers Basketball Season  TWC Sportsnet  Not Available  TWC Sportsnet
Pac 12 Networks NA Available ?
NFL Sunday Ticket Available Not Available Not Available
Blockbuster@Home Not Available Available Not Available

*Only 1 Genie per account!!! Although additional DVRs can be leased, adding 2 tuners each. Other possibilities and combinations are possible, but the clients will not recognize the additional DVRs. DirecTV has an Over The Air (OTA) add on (AM21) that can add one additional local tuner.

** A standard Hopper has 3 tuners. However, 1 of the tuners can record the 4 major networks during Prime Time in it’s “Prime Time Anytime” feature. There is also an  (OTA) Tuner module that can be added to the Hopper, which would add 1 OTA channel. Additional Hopper can be added to an account for as little as $99 + $12 per month fee.

























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