Ground Control is an authorized dealer for DirecTV. We work with many local high end AV integrators that refer us to their clients for DirecTV because they can better coordinate a schedule and it helps avoid the “Wild Card” DirecTV installer in their clients home. If you wish to start up a DirecTV account and get the best DirecTV deal and best installation, contact us. Do not contact DirecTV.

We have provided some resources for download to help you figure out what package you will need and what it would actually cost per month.

Here are a few of the advantages that DirecTV offers if you are changing from another service…
1) Superior HD quality
2) NFL Sunday Ticket
3) Superior Whole Home DVR functionality with one of the cheapest rates for equipment

Below are some spreadsheets that should make it easy to search for what you want and to rearrange or sort to your preference. I believe it is current as of 10/19/2014 but I make no guaranty of it’s accuracy and it is up to you to double check with Ground Control or DirecTV at the time of order to see what the current list is. Even then, DirecTV reserves the right to change channels or packages at any time.
Also, please use safe download habits and always scan for viruses after saving to your computer and THEN open. These files are clean as they are posted, but I have no control over what happens to them once they are on the server. If these do not open properly on your computer, you can request them in pdf form but will lose sort and sum features.

I highly suggest that you consider which channels are important to you and highlight them to verify what package would get you what you must have.
Channels list by package: DTV-channels 081513

The following 4 spreadsheets show each package and options for you to tweak based on Genie and 3 Clients. This and some other variables will need manual changes, but the sum should reflect the changes.

DTV Choice Summer 2015

DTV Extra Summer 2015

DTV Ultimate Summer 2015

DTV Premier Summer 2015

Once you have determined what package is best for you, please be prepared to contact us with the info requested in the following link… DTV client info

For questions or comments, site survey or ordering* please email me