Ground Control is an authorized dealer for DirecTV. We work with many local high end AV integrators that refer us to their clients for DirecTV because they can better coordinate a schedule and it helps avoid the “Wild Card” DirecTV installer in their clients home. If you wish to start up a DirecTV account and get the best DirecTV deal and best installation, contact us. Do not contact DirecTV.

AT&T/DirecTV no longer will install or even service their existing dishes if the technician has to set foot on a roof. We do not have the same limitations since we are an independent Dealer/Contractor. Call us to sign up. Or call us for service and upgrades. We can do things that AT&T can’t do.

If you’re shopping around, we’ll give you a quote with all of the monthly fees. (Something that seems to not happen while shopping at the big brand stores).

Here are a few of the advantages that DirecTV offers if you are changing from another service…
1) Superior HD quality
2) NFL Sunday Ticket
3) Superior Whole Home DVR functionality with one of the cheapest rates for equipment

For questions or comments, site survey or ordering* please email me